Occupational safety

The protection of human life and health is a top priority for us. We avoid risks to people, the environment and material assets and take measures to minimise risk on an ongoing basis. Safety always takes precedence over financial profit.

Accidents at work cause human suffering, cost money, cause harm to our reputation with our customers and ultimately endanger jobs. We do not make compromises when it comes to protecting the lives and health of our employees.

Our goal is therefore: zero accidents.

Safety concerns every employee – the mechanic at the construction site as well as the Chief Executive Officer. Cegelec’s management has documented its commitment to Safety, Health and Environmental conservation (SHE) in the form of a declared principle. Rather than just having goals each year we specify SHE goals and plan concrete measures and actions for the entire company and each business division.

Occupational safety is an integral part of project execution at our construction sites. Persons holding senior positions are responsible for determining and assessing any potential risks as well as implementing technical, organizational and personal protective measures.

Keeping our employees informed and updated continuously – via training, meetings, staff meetings and workshops – plays an important role and every management meeting includes the subject of “safety” in its agenda.

Agreements concerning bonus payments for managers also include goals related to health and occupational safety.